Defining Esoterrarium

Defining Esoterrarium

Esoterrarium is a space for the cultivation of your inner wisdom. Yes, we say that a lot here. That's because it's true on several levels.

At the most basic level, Esoterrarium is a word that we have composed of three root words. 

eso- : inner | terra : earth or land | -arium : location or receptacle

At the next level, Esoterrarium is a combination of two words.

  • esoteric : having an inner or secret meaning understood only by a select few, in particular with regards to philosophical and spiritual wisdom
  • terrarium : a transparent enclosed space intended for the cultivation of plants


Putting all this together, we define Esoterrarium as a space for the cultivation of inner wisdom, and in particular philosophical and spiritual wisdom. We are dedicated to esoteric arts such as astrology, alchemy, sacred geometry and divination. We are inspired by the ancient wisdom and timeless philosophy of the Western mystical tradition. To all those who are fascinated by, or attracted to these mysteries, we say:

Stay tuned in. Follow us. Support us.

The purpose of Esoterrarium, after all, is to provide the ideal conditions for a diverse, yet likeminded community of people to share ideas, trade goods and exchange knowledge. Become a part of Esoterrarium and cultivate your inner wisdom.


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